All complete biographies of Kenzie, her family, and her friends.

Kenzie Howell

Born and raised in Riverview, Kenzie has known what she wanted to do with her life since middle school, when she saw her first crime show on TV. She was fascinated with the concept of finding evidence to put criminals away. After she graduated high school, she went to Twinbrook University and studied to become a detective. Just like in high school, she graduated at the top of her class. Kenzie still lives in Riverview, just down the street from her parents, whom she is still very close to. Her love life has been up and down, but she's currently happy in her relationship with the handsome werewolf that she met in Moonlight Falls. One thing that really defines Kenzie is the fact that she isn't a typical girl obsessed with her looks. She's heavier than average, pushing a size 18, but she doesn't let that burden her. She believes that true beauty is on the inside and is a firm believer that everyone, heavy or skinny, should be treated fairly. She hates when people think they're better than everyone else because they have a smaller waist line. Kenzie is also a very strong believer in animal rights. One thing she despises more than snooty skinny people is people who harm animals. She's got a loyal companion, a half husky, half wolf named Sage, who's always by her side and, thanks to her strong intellect, has become her unofficial partner when she solves cases. Unfortunately, some spur-of-the-moment events occurred during a case in Appaloosa Plains, and they cost Kenzie everything she'd worked so hard for. She recently graduated from college again with a special permit to become a private investigator. That way, she can still do the detecting job she's loved for so long, and be her own boss. She's solved countless cases, but her greatest mystery has yet to come - her future.

Jillian Swansen

Bio: Jillian is Kenzie's best friend from childhood. The girls met in first grade and have been inseparable ever since. Her natural beauty is greatly admired by many, and she is currently designing her own fashion, jewelry, makeup, and perfume lines. Like Kenzie, Jillian grew up in Riverview, but after graduating college, she decided to live in Sunset Valley due to her love for the beach. She believes that she's finally found that one special guy after years of falling for jerks. Of course, her current squeeze isn't human...he's a vampire who can live forever. Will Jillian decide she wants to join him with an immortal life? Or will living out her own until it's over be enough?

Isaiah Cavanaugh

 Born in the 1800s, Isaiah is not a normal creature of this world. Normally, he should have died years ago, but thanks to a selfish act by his mother, he's destined to live forever. Isaiah is a vampire, turned as such because his mother wanted to live forever with her children. Isaiah never wanted to be a vampire, but after Kenzie helped him take down his family in Bridgeport after unearthing their diabolical plot, he promised to try to enjoy life. He was getting a second chance at it, something no one else could have. In keeping with his promise, Isaiah began traveling and enjoying places that he'd always wanted to visit. He eventually made his way to Sunset Valley, where he met up with Jillian. Jillian was fascinated with Isaiah being from Bridgeport, a city she'd never been to but always wished she could visit. The two connected and are now a steady couple. Despite being a vampire, Isaiah does have a good soul deep inside. But he fears a life of immortality where Jillian is concerned because he'll be forced to watch her age and die...unless she chooses to join him. Only time will tell if he will allow Jillian to live the same fate as he.

Hayden Howland

 Kenzie met Hayden in Moonlight Falls during a supernatural convention. It was involuntarily revealed to her that he is a werewolf, though he looks at this as a curse rather than a gift. Hayden never wanted to be a werewolf, but he was born as such and has no way to change it. He works as a reporter for the local newspaper, and until recently, his main priority was to cover up any supernatural activity. But now that the creatures have revealed themselves, he can write freely. Kenzie doesn't care that Hayden is a werewolf; she accepts him for everything that he is, but he felt it was too dangerous for them to be involved romantically. But when Kenzie graduated from college with a private investigator's degree, he confessed that the feelings she felt for him were mutual and they are now a couple. Sometimes Hayden and Isaiah butt heads with each other, usually they're civil since their girlfriends are best friends, and if the time calls for it, they can and will work together for the greater good. Meanwhile, Hayden is also always at ends with his older brother, Ellis, who is the alpha of the wolf pack he never wanted to be a part of.

Austin Crowley

 Austin is Kenzie's high school sweetheart. Like her, he was always more focused on his grades than who won the latest game or who was the most popular person in school. The two clicked thanks to their seriousness with their grades, and they even went to prom together. Kenzie and Austin were each other's "firsts" for everything, from serious relationship to kissing to going all the way. After they graduated, the two decided to just stay friends because they were going to different colleges. Austin is now a certified genius, and he loves his job at the science center, where he is one of the top scientists on staff. He hopes to become a creature-robot cross breeder someday. He is also one of the scientists who helped invent vampiric sunscreen. Once in a while, he'll work on new inventions as well. Austin wasn't able to come up with a concoction for the perfect woman, but he didn't need that when he met his wife, Cheyenne. He's eager to spend the rest of his life with his soul mate and their son, Mason, while living out his dreams.

Cheyenne Crowley

 Cheyenne is from Appaloosa Plains and has lived there her entire life. She is a true equestrian with a deep love for horses. Some may call it a pipe dream, but Cheyenne would love to become a professional horse jockey someday. She met Austin at the equestrian center where she works as a horse trainer, and unexpectedly came to his rescue when his horse got spooked. The two are now a happily married couple, eager to spend the rest of their lives together with their son, Mason. A true country girl, Cheyenne prefers the simple country life to the sophisticated city life. She's had her loyal horse companion, Clover, for years and considers her to be her best friend, next to Austin and her family. She and Kenzie, despite getting off to a rocky start and the awkwardness caused by Kenzie's and Austin's past, are now also best friends.

Paige Turner

 Paige and Kenzie instantly clicked when they met each other in Moonlight Falls at the very first supernatural convention. Paige is a witch and proud of it. She and her coven specialize in casting spells on people's homes that prevent supernatural creatures from entering without an invitation. Their primary concern is protecting humans, especially those that are still skeptical about the revelation of supernatural creatures. Paige, in addition to casting spells, is a major bookworm and a native of Lucky Palms. She doesn't have a special guy in her life at the moment, but her coven is like her second family and that and her friends is plenty.

Sage Howell

 Half-wolf, half-husky, Sage is Kenzie's loyal companion, adopted in Appaloosa Plains. Due to a science experiment gone awry, Sage's intellect rose significantly, making her a genius of the canine species. She's as smart as an average human, and with her ability to sniff out clues and odd happenings, plus her natural canine sixth sense, she's become Kenzie's unofficial partner while solving cases. She's very loyal and protective of her master, but she's still a dog after all, and a very playful one at that. She's truly the definition of "man's - or woman's - best friend."

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