About Kenzie

Kenzie Howell is my Sim self in The Sims 3 game. I designed her to look as much like me as possible (though I'm sure it isn't perfect, but I did win a Simify Yourself contest on Facebook for her likeness to me, and that won me some prizes). She has more skills than any other Sim I've played, the highest visa levels, most collections, etc. She's my Sim self and main character for actually playing the game.

This blog will have all the information about Kenzie including her family, friends, stories, and downloads.



An only child from Riverview, Kenzie remains close with her parents and lives just down the street from them on Hidden Grove Lane. Ever since she was a kid, Kenzie was very intelligent, though not classified as a genius. She worked hard to get the top grades in her classes and wasn't much for following the crowd. She preferred staying at home and reading or studying than going to parties or sporting events. Her hard work paid off when she won a full scholarship to the Twinbrook college, where she studied to become a detective. Ever since she saw several crime shows on TV in middle school, Kenzie knew that's what she wanted to do with her life. She's now one of the most well-known detectives around and she loves her job, though a lot of times she finds herself in tight spots.

Her personal life isn't much, as she's kind of a workaholic like her father. Still, she enjoys things like reading and writing, and lately going for walks and playing with her loyal dog, Sage. Kenzie also loves hearing from her friends, particularly her best friend from childhood, Jillian. The special guy in her life is currently Hayden Howland, the handsome werewolf she met in Moonlight Falls.

* Animal lover
* Bookworm
* Computer Whiz
* Dramatic
* Perfectionist

* Food: Cookies
* Music: Pop
* Color: Spiceberry

Misc. Info:
* Sign: Taurus
* Lifetime Wish: Pervasive Private Eye
* Occupation: Private Eye