Sunday, August 2, 2015

Part 4 - The Tests

Hayden agreed that Austin was the best person who could help Kenzie. Paige couldn’t do anything more for her, and the situation turned more alarming when Kenzie was hit with another bout of nausea, this time painfully so. In order to cure her, they had to know what she had first.

She was on the phone with Austin now as Hayden drove toward Appaloosa Plains. He was speeding, but his ears would be able to pick up any police sirens before they reached him.

“Austin says to meet him at the lab,” Kenzie announced when she hung up her cell phone. “He says the first thing he’ll have to do is draw my blood – just great – and then analyze it.”

Hayden gripped the steering wheel. He was feeling worried and helpless. His mate was going through a very confusing time, only getting worse, and he had no idea how to help her. His foot inadvertently pressed further down on the gas pedal. Normally, Kenzie would chastise him for this. But now, she said nothing. She was probably as anxious as he was to get to Appaloosa Plains and hope that Austin could tell them something probative and helpful.

It was late afternoon by the time they arrived, and many of the lab workers were on their way out the building. Hayden parked the car and they both scurried inside, their hearts beating in unison. Austin greeted them at the entrance and hastily ushered them toward his lab. Coincidentally, this was the same lab Jillian and Isaiah had visited not long ago when approaching him about a cure for vampirism.

“I guess we could make small talk,” Austin suggested, “but that would probably be pointless at this point. You guys are here for answers, not idle chatter.”

“Austin,” Kenzie began, “I don’t want to inconvenience you. I mean, I know you have a family to get home to, and…”

“Cheyenne understands. Besides, she doesn’t want anything to happen to you, either. Honestly, it’s okay.”

“So, is there anything you can do?” Hayden wanted to know.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” Austin responded. “The first thing I’ll have to do is take a blood sample. Obviously, since Kenzie has three different blood types in her system, that’s a factor.”

Kenzie squeezed her eyes shut when Austin poked her with a needle. Needles were one thing she hated as bad as heights.

After the blood had been extracted from her arm, Austin squeezed it onto a glass slide and slid it under the microscope. Hayden helped Kenzie dab at her arm to stop the blood from flowing, even though it was only a tiny dot, as Austin scrutinized the sample under the microscope.

“Holy shit,” he said after a few moments. Kenzie looked up, baffled. Austin rarely swore, and when he did, it was always serious. She was even more frightened now.

“What?” she asked tentatively. Austin looked up from the microscope and motioned her and Hayden forward. One by one, they looked into the microscope to see what had Austin so riled up.

Hayden looked first, and a frown etched itself across his face. He stepped back without saying a word. Kenzie was afraid of what she’d see, but she finally surrendered and took a look for herself.

She wasn’t entirely sure what she was looking at. But she was sure that it wasn’t normal. The blood sample wasn’t stationary; it was moving. Not little particles inside the blood, but the actual blood itself. And it almost looked like it was trying to devour itself. It was unlike anything she’d ever seen, and Kenzie had seen some very weird things in her life.

“What the hell am I looking at?” she demanded after looking up.

“That’s what I’d like to know,” Austin replied. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Something supernatural is definitely going on here.”

“We already ascertained that,” Hayden growled, a little more fierce than necessary. “We want to know what it is and how to fix it. Whatever it is, it’s making Kenzie sick.”

Kenzie’s stomach rolled as soon as Hayden said that.

“I’ll have to conduct some more tests and research,” Austin replied to Hayden’s question. “But it may take some time, and I’m not sure how much.”

“So what do we do?” Kenzie wanted to know.

“I honestly can’t tell you. I’ve got some vampire colleagues that may be able to help, and some of them work nights and will be coming in soon, so I’ll ask them. Let me call Cheyenne; I’m sure she won’t mind if you stay at our place tonight.”

“No, we couldn’t impose,” Kenzie and Hayden both started to object, but Austin cut them off with a wave of his hand.

“It wouldn’t be an imposition,” he promised. “We have a guest room that hardly gets used, and I know you want to see Mason.”

Austin pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and called his wife. Kenzie felt terrible to put her friends out like this, and she knew Hayden did as well. She was so grateful they’d remembered to pack extra clothes in case they’d had to stay overnight, though they’d intended it to be in Lucky Palms at a hotel.

When Austin hung up, he confirmed that Cheyenne had no problem with their friends spending the night, though Hayden would have to be invited inside due to the supernatural spell on the house for Mason’s safety. The spell didn’t affect Kenzie since she wasn’t a full-blooded supernatural.

So Kenzie and Hayden left the lab and made their way toward the Crowley house, with the promise that Austin would work for a couple more hours before returning home, hopefully with some sort of headway.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Part 3 - The Evolution

It came as no surprise that Paige insisted Kenzie and Hayden come visit her and her coven. Her voice was filled with concern when Hayden explained what was going on.

So the next day, the couple piled into Hayden’s car and made their way to Lucky Palms.

“Did Paige say what she thought it could be?” Kenzie inquired.

“She isn’t sure, but she agrees with my theory that it’s something supernatural.”

“Maybe we should just move to Lucky Palms, as often as we have to recruit her for help.”

“Kenzie, she doesn’t mind, honestly. She told me that, and she’s very worried about what’s going on. Besides, this is the last resort we have. A human doctor couldn’t tell us anything, not even your blood type, so this is the next logical step.”

Kenzie leaned her head back against the seat resolutely. She knew Hayden was right, but she felt so helpless. Not only that, but she was getting very frightened. Before it had just been annoying; now it was worrisome, not knowing what was wrong with her or what – if anything – she could do about it.


They arrived in Lucky Palms a couple of hours later. Paige greeted Kenzie and Hayden warmly, though concern flashed through her eyes.

“How are you feeling?” she questioned as soon as they all sat down in the living room.

“I feel okay,” Kenzie stated, “and that’s how it always is, until I get hit with this wave of nausea and throw up.”

“Hayden mentioned that you went to the doctor for a pregnancy test, and it came back negative.”

“Yeah, it did. That was my first thought, but apparently that’s not the case. Unless it was a false negative, and there’s some spell you know of to get an accurate reading.”

“No, I don’t think such a spell exists. And that wouldn’t explain the weird things that happen when your mood spikes, even if the baby was supernatural.”

Kenzie leaned forward with a sigh. Hayden looked at Paige and said, “I forgot one thing when I talked to you over the phone. Kenzie had a dream the other night that woke her up. I don’t know if that’s relevant or not, but I’ve never known her to wake up screaming before.”

“A dream? What kind of dream?”

Kenzie looked between the two of them. She’d been afraid to tell Hayden what the dream entailed before, as she was afraid doing so would upset him because he was a werewolf, and the dream depicted her as a werewolf with a monstrous appetite, even for those she loved the most.

Still, if she wanted to find out exactly what was going on with her, and how to fix it, she’d have to tell both Hayden and Paige everything. There was no other way.

“Well,” she began, “first I should probably mention that that dream…well, that wasn’t the first time I’ve had it. I first had it a couple of months ago, but now it’s almost been a nightly thing. And it’s not the only one, either. There are two recurring dreams that wake me up like that.”

“What?” Hayden asked, alarmed. “Kenzie, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because of what exactly the dream’s about. I don’t want you to worry, or to blame yourself, or…”

“Kenzie, please, whatever’s going on here is no one’s fault but the asshole’s that bit you. Now what was the dream about? Actually, what were both dreams about?”

“It’s…well, the first dream I had showed my ancestors that I discovered when I did that genealogy research. The witches, remember? I keep seeing them, and the older sister is burning to death and the younger one is running away, but I can feel her pain because she had to see her sister die. In the one I had the other night, I’m running through the woods, but I’m transformed. I’m a werewolf like you, Hayden, and I’m just running and suddenly I see Jillian up ahead. And then I keep running toward her, but she starts looking more and more scared. Then I see more of my friends, and my family, and then I start howling, and the closer I get to them, the more scared they look, and right as I’m about to get to them, I wake up. But it feels like I’m trying to…hurt them, or something.”

As Kenzie told more of her tale, she began to sob, and by the time she was finished, Hayden was holding her closely, caressing the back of her head consolably.

As she was crying, Paige’s lights flickered. She stood up and surveyed the room, her brow furrowed.

“You know,” she said at last, “this looks familiar. It kind of reminds me of how young witches are when they’re first learning how to control their magic.”

“Control it?” Hayden asked. “Don’t they just learn how to cast spells?”

“Sure, but magic isn’t like a light switch. There’s no on or off switch. It has to be controlled and channeled. And sometimes, when a new witch is learning how to use their magic, their emotions cause things like that to happen. I guess I should have picked up on it when you called me, but it’s the way the power flickered that made me think of it. I guess it’s one of those things you have to see to understand.”

Kenzie was holding onto Hayden’s wrist tightly, but she lifted her head upon hearing this.

“And what would explain why my senses are so messed up?” she questioned as she wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“What do you mean?” Paige asked.

“I swear I’ve been picking up smells that half the police K-9 unit would miss. And sometimes I can hear things really far away, like Hayden’s pack when they’re clear out in the woods. Yes, we live in a pretty secluded place, but the pack’s never that close.”

“What?” Hayden exclaimed for the second time that day. “Kenzie, what the hell else aren’t you telling me?”

“That was it,” she promised. “I thought the heightened senses were another sign of being pregnant, but…”

“All your senses are heightened?”

“No, and it only happens sometimes. One minute I’ll smell rain before it comes, and the next I can’t smell supper cooking when I’m upstairs. It’s random. But I always need my glasses to see far away.”

“Throwing up green sounds like you ate a bad salad,” Paige replied, “but with all the other factors to take into consideration here, I think it’s worth noting. Hold on, I’m going to try something.”

Paige vacated the room and came back a few short moments later carrying a wand.

“Witches don’t always have to use wands,” she explained, “but they’re great for beginners.”

“Uh…I’m not a witch, though.”

“No, but you have witch blood in your body, remember? Don’t worry, I’m not going to have you cast any spells. I just want to test something. Take this.”

Kenzie stood up and Paige handed the wand to her. She incredulously took it in her hand and gazed at it. It was a finely carved wooden stick with an intricate design. She didn’t know what her friend expected to happen, but she received a shock when the wand’s tip began to emit a glow in her hand, and continued to get brighter the longer she held onto it.

“Just as I thought,” Paige ascertained as she took the wand away from Kenzie.

“What the hell?” Kenzie asked quizzically. “I’ve touched wands before, like at the supernatural convention when we first met, and they never did that. Why did that happen now?”

“Because the witch blood in your body was dormant until you were bitten by that werewolf. Now it’s been awakened, so it’s able to draw power.”

“So…I can use magic now? And that’s why my emotion spikes have been causing these weird power surges and things? Oh, and sometimes rain and thunder, for that matter.”

“I’d say so. The problem is that, when we first figured out you had three blood types, you were definitely emotional then and nothing happened. And you didn’t get sick until fairly recently. Plus I’m sure if I gave you a wand then, nothing would have happened, unlike now. And you didn’t have the keen senses like a werewolf, either. But now you do.”

“So what are you saying? That I’ve evolved over the past few months?”

“Theoretically. But I’m not a scientist. I can only give you my supernatural theories. We know you have all three blood types in your system, but that’s it. It sounds like you need to literally be examined under a microscope or something.”

Hayden interjected with, “I’m not sure ‘evolve’ is the term to use. If Kenzie had just evolved, I don’t think she’d be sick.”

“Maybe it’s just a side effect,” Paige suggested. “Hybrids have the abilities of both creatures they share blood with, but Kenzie has three blood types in her body, not two. So maybe the sickness is the only way the three blood types can coexist.”

“I’m not waiting around to find out,” Kenzie declared. “Hayden, let’s go.”


“Appaloosa Plains. We’re going to see Austin. He found a cure for vampirism, and he’s the smartest person I know, and he’s a scientist. If anyone can help me, it’s him.”

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Part 2 - The Theory

About forty minutes later, Kenzie and Hayden were in the examining room at the doctor’s office, awaiting the results. Kenzie’s sickness hadn’t dissipated, and the strange things that coincided with her emotions seemed to keep happening around her, including odd spikes in temperature. It was getting downright spooky.

But as for her nausea, Kenzie had finally broken down and told Hayden both about the green vomit she’d exuded earlier, as well as her theory.

Pregnant?” Hayden was genuinely shocked that this was the conclusion Kenzie had come to. “But we’re safe. We always use protection.”

“Yeah, but when Isaiah first started dating Jillian and I asked if vampires could pro-create, he told me that it was easier for a human female to get pregnant by a vampire creature because, well, everything about supernaturals is stronger, you know? So why would it be any different for a werewolf and a human being together?”

Hayden ran his fingers through his hair. “Well, I guess it would explain you feeling sick all the time,” he finally responded. “But still, birth control is supposed to be effective against all bodily fluids. Especially these days with so many supernatural creatures getting lucky.”

“I don’t know that I’m actually pregnant. It’s just a theory, and right now, it’s the only one that makes any sense. And maybe the supernatural aspect is why I was puking up green goo.”

“Well, if you’re pregnant, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. And…”

Before Hayden could continue, the doctor returned, cutting him off.

“Miss Howell,” she said, directing her attention right to Kenzie. “We have your test results.”

Kenzie felt like her heart was going to fly out of her chest. The anticipation was killing her.

“The pregnancy results are negative,” the doctor informed her. “However, we can’t pinpoint your blood type. We’ve never seen anything like this before. Based on our records, your blood type seems to have somehow changed from the last time it was drawn.”

Kenzie bit her lip. Of course her blood type would have changed. It was only a few months ago that she’d been bitten by a werewolf, only to discover that she was born with werewolf and witch blood in her system, one of which was inadvertently absorbed through an unborn twin in the womb. The werewolf bite had activated both blood types, subsequently allowing her body to heal faster, though she hadn’t transformed during a full moon or cast any spells.

Still, the doctor didn’t need to know all that. She kicked herself inwardly for not thinking of a story to tell the doctor prior to the visit, as she should have known this would come up.

“I’m not worried about that,” she said at last. “I just want to know why I’ve been sick lately. If I’m not pregnant, what could it be?”

“It could be any number of things,” the doctor replied. “Something you ate, a virus, allergies, or just nerves. The only thing we can conclude is that your blood type can’t be determined, and unless we can figure that out, we can’t determine what exactly is going on or how to treat it.”

Great. Kenzie was at a loss. The doctors couldn’t deduce what her diagnosis was, why she’d been so sick lately? She was prepared to hear that she was pregnant, but not that her blood type had changed and no information could be obtained because of it.

As she was thinking this, the lights flickered. Which of course made no sense to the doctor, considering it was a pretty day outside with not even a hint of a storm that would knock out the electricity. This just made her more worrisome, considering how often such things had been happening as of late.

Despite the doctor’s recommendations, she and Hayden left the office and headed back home without further testing. Sage greeted them with a concerned expression, though her tail was wagging.

“I just don’t get it,” Kenzie told Hayden in agitation. “If I’m not pregnant, why the hell do I keep puking? It’s nothing I ate since I’ve eaten everything a hundred times before, I don’t have allergies, and I’m not nervous. What is going on?”

As her emotions spiked, the lights in Hayden’s house flickered like the ones at the doctor’s office. And Kenzie almost thought she heard thunder rumble in the distance. The sky began to turn gray out of nowhere.

Hayden gripped Kenzie’s shoulders reassuringly. “The thought crossed my mind, too,” he confessed. “That you might be pregnant. I mean, we did christen the whole house after you moved in. And you have a point, about the whole supernatural pregnancy thing based on what Isaiah told you. But I think we’re looking at the wrong type of help, here. I think we need to talk to Paige.”

“Why? I’m getting embarrassed, bugging her every time something’s wrong with me.”

“Because whatever is going on isn’t human. We’ve both noticed that, for the past few weeks, whenever you’ve had some immense emotional feeling, weird things have happened. Like the lights flashing today, here and at the doctor’s office. Kenzie, I think the reason the doctors can’t tell your blood type is because your own body doesn’t know what it is. And don’t forget those nights of the full moon where your nose picked up things right along with mine, things no human could sniff out.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying it’s possible that your body is just trying to adapt to having three different blood types in its system. But it’s making you sick instead, and we need to get it straightened out. Paige and her coven are the only ones that have any clue about this type of thing. If we were bothering her, I’m sure she’d tell us. But her coven is sworn to protect people, and since you’re one of Paige’s best friends, I’m sure you’re a priority. And it was a member of her coven that figured out the mystery behind the werewolf bite, anyway.”

Kenzie sighed. She knew that Hayden was right. It was getting irritating, not knowing what was going on, but it was also getting annoying having to ask Paige for help all the time. So Hayden agreed that they’d call her first and see what she thought before going to her home in Lucky Palms.

As Hayden talked to their witch friend on the phone, Kenzie paced back and forth nervously. She had no idea what had befallen her, but she hoped that whatever it was would be easy to rectify and things would get back to normal.